The Box Set CD

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The Box Set CD

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Kerry Kurt Phillips cd, The Box Set. 3 Discs, 30 Years, 30 Cuts.


*Track Listing: 1. Pickup Man 2. What Happens in Vegas 3. This Ain't Nothin' 4. How's My World Treatin' you 5. Do You Want Fries With That 6. In My Own Backyard 7. Smack Dab 8. She Let Herself Go 9. Four Scores and Seven Beers Ago 10. One Last Time (The Flight 93 Song) 11. Down on the Farm 12. Where the Tall Grass Grows 13. It's All the Same to Me 14. High School Heart 15. Drinkin' bone 16. Somewhere in Love 17. Life Happened 18. I'm a Pretty Big Deal 19. Is It Cold in Here 20. Turn for the Worse 21. Almost Home 22. When You're in Love 23. Prop Me up Beside the Juke Box (If I Die) 24. Somewhere Under the Rainbow 25. Maybe We Should Just Sleep on It 26. Come on in, the Whiskey's Fine 27. I Don't Need Your Rockin' chair 28. The Ball 29. That's Just Jessie 30. Not Bad for a Good Ole' boy